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Exchange Import Software

Convert MS Outlook Single or Multiple PST Files into Live Exchange Sever Accounts within 3 Simple Steps by Exchange Import Tool

  • Imports Several PST files into the Mailboxes of Live Exchange Server.
  • Selected PST files can be imported into Live Exchange Server Mailbox Accounts using ADD File option.
  • Bulk PST files import task can be performed with ADD Folder option.
  • Find PST files on Exchange Server Network & Import into Mailboxes.
  • Tool auto sync with Active Directory, you should have Full Mailbox Access Permission rights of the Mailbox in which you need to import PST data.
  • Tool Supports all Exchange Server editions (2013 to 5.0).

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Brief about Exchange Import Tool

Export More than one PST to EDB

Import several PST files into Exchange

With the help of Exchange Import Software, we can import multiple PST files at once into the Exchange Server. The user can import a folder containing multiple PST files or can add PST files one be one into the Exchange Server.

Import Selected PST in Exchange

Import Selected PST in Live Exchange

Instead of Importing the Complete Outlook PST file into the Exchange Server using Exchange Import Tool, we can add the Selected PST file. Un-check the PST files that you don't want to import into the Exchange Server.

Mailbox Mappling from pst to edb

Mailbox Mapping with PST

With the help of this mapping feature, you can easily import Outlook PST file into the Exchange Server. This feature allow user to Map Emails in PST files in EDB files by mentaining the structure of orignal messages.

Support all MS outlook versions

Supports all editions of MS Outlook

The software supports all editions of the MS Outlook. With it, you can easily import PST file of MS Outlook to the Live Exchange Server.

Working Guide to Convert Outlook to Exchange

This guide will direct user how to move pst to exchange server this tool. The Exchange Import Tool will help a user to move emails from offline outlook platform to exchange server.

Step 1: Open PST to EDB Converter

Open Outlook to Exchange converter after installing it in your system

Open PST to EDB converter

Step 2(a): Add PST files to Software

With Add Files/folders option user can attach complete folder or pst file to Exchange import software

Add PST folders or Files

Step 3(a): Select PST file from Location

Now, select folder or file from destination where they are stored

Select PST folder location

Step 4(a): All PST File Lists Preview

Once you select all folders or files, a user can see all individual pst file in Exchange Import Tool. User can also select mailbox name where these files need to be stored

PST List Preview

Step 5(a): Select Import Option

Go to Import option available at base of software window

PST import option into EDB

Step 6(a): Check PST Import Status

User can also view the processing of Import of PST files on Exchange Server

Import PST on Exchange Server

Step 7(a): Import PST Process Complete

User can also view the processing of Import of PST files on Exchange Server

PST to EDB Process Complete

For Search network Option in Step 2

Step 2(b): Search Exchange Server Network

In step 2 if user have selected option server network then you will require exchange admin credentials to perform the process

Search Exchange Server Network

Step 3(b): Enter Login and Password

Now, Enter your Login details of exchange server. User will automatically get connected to exchange database

Enter Login Details Exchange

Step 4(b): Preview All PST in System

Search PST files in any drive using Exchange Import Software and all files will be automatically displayed

Preview PST Automatic Display

Step 5(b): Select one or multiple PST files

Select all or one file to import them onto exchange server. Click on import option in base panel

Select one or more PST Files

Step 6(b): Proceed with PST Conversion

PST to EDB converter will show you all the PST file selected and exchange status to access these files

Selected PST file Status

Import PST to EDB Extension

Follow steps from 5(a) to 7(b)

Outlook PST to Exchange EDB – Demo Version

The demo tool will allow a user to import pst file to exchange server 2007, 2010 or 2013. Demo version will allow a user to get a preview of all options available in the original version. The user may download this software using the option given below. The user can click download option again if a process doesn't start in few minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This tool can import all PST files on Exchange EDB Database. All ANSI/ Unicode PST files can be easily moved on Exchange Server.
No, Demo tool of this software will only give the preview and make user familiar with this tool.
Yes, This tool requires Microsoft office installed in your system and Exchange Live server environment to import PST file to EDB.
This tool allows user to import individual or required no of PST files on online Exchange.

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