Fix Error 1216 (Jet _ err Attached Database Mismatch) or Error 0xfffffb40

Published on: July 12, 2013

In Exchange 2000 server, this error appear when set of files are missing or have been replaced in the database. When this kind of error occurs, Exchange 2000 terminates soft recovery because if the soft recovery task starts, it starts the storage group but with some missing data. Also, the recovery task makes the re-integration process of missing files impossible with the storage group.

Thus, to overcome through this problem you need to restore the missing files but if the files are not available then you need to go first with Eseutil option to override the error and then proceeds the soft recovery task despite of missing or mismatched files.

If you go for soft recovery task using Eseutil then you must have the following things:

Above three things is located in the General Tab of the storage group in ESM (Exchange Server Manager) and after having the complete set type, put the command exactly in the command line:


ESEUTIL /R Enn /I /L[log_path] /S[system_path]

Resolve 1216 Errors When More Than One Database File Is Inconsistent

If the storage group is created problem or stopped unexpectedly, also, it display the following error message, it mean that multiple database files are unavailable and database's leads into an inconsistent state.

You can find either the database is in inconsistent place or not. To check, run this command in the command line:

eseutil /mh database_name | find /i "consistent"

If you have higher edition from Exchange Server 2000 then you need to run this command to know the inconsistency of the database:

eseutil /mh database_name | find /i "Shutdown"

Now, when you find the database inconsistent in the storage group then you have to prefer extreme caution with all transaction log files. You need to define which log file of each database is required for recovery by using Eseutil tool, so to identify the log put the command in the command line:

eseutil /mh database_name | find /i "log required

Also, you need to specify the range of the log file which is listed from decimal to hexadecimal.

In most cases, you unable to find the highest log, to find the highest log run this command:

eseutil /ml E0n.log | find /i "lgeneration"


Now, if you are missing any of the log file then recovery task of the database doesn't work anymore and it leads you with the two alternative ways:


There are several other methods from where you can restore databases:

Finally, you can recover all databases along with their information in the available log set by running the ESEUTIL /R /I /L /S command.

Note: If you still get the error message of 1216 even after applying all the above method like; backup restoring or by using eseutil and isinteg repair tool then it is recommended to use third party tool in order to recover database from 1216 error.

Know How to Recover Database, If All The Above Methods Are Failed

The only way left for recovery of the database is Exchange Recovery Software. It can recover all mailboxes from exchange database file .edb even if the exchange database is corrupt or offline. By using this software you can recover data from priv, pub or stm files even if you get error 1216.