Description of Exmerge Replacements –Export-Mailbox and Import-Mailbox cmdlet

Published on: March 07, 2017

ExMerge did a great job to export exchange 2010 and 2007 mailboxes but with an implementation of Export-Mailbox and Import-Mailbox cmdlet in Exchange 2007 the use of ExMerge became less and less effective. The EMS commands do all job did by ExMerge in more effective and reliable way. Let's learn about Export-Mailbox cmdlet and why it replaces emerge cmdlet.

Features of Export-Mailbox (Comparison to Exmerge)

Export-Mailbox Replacing ExMerge in Exchange 2007

Note: For Multiple Mailbox use Get-Recipients or Get-Mailbox with Export-Mailbox cmdlet. For exporting more no of mailboxes use MaxThreads parameter. To use Export-Mailbox you require Exchange Server Administrator role or member of Local Administrative Group. Also, all Source and Target Mailbox (Similar to Active Directory Forest) must be accessible to a user.

The cmdlet given below explain how to use EMS to export mailboxes with Export-Mailbox, an Exmerge replacement.

Condition 1: Moving Mailbox from Mailbox1 ( to Mailbox2 (

Export-Mailbox -Identity -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder Mailbox1

Condition 2: Use AllowMerge parameter. This parameter provides mailbox to export to target mailbox multiple times.

Export-Mailbox -Identity -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder Mailbox1 -AllowMerge

Condition 3: Use IncludeFolders cmdlet. This parameter allows user to include specific folders while exporting it to target mailbox

Export-Mailbox -Identity -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder Mailbox1 -IncludeFolders \Inbox, \Contacts

Condition 4: Use ExportFolders cmdlet.This parameter allows user to include specific folders while exporting it to target mailbox.

Export-Mailbox -Identity -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder Mailbox1 -ExcludeFolders "\Sent Items", "\Contacts"

Condition 5: To export all data to PST using Export-Mailbox.

PST File Location and Name: C:\Temp\Mailbox1.pst

Export Mailbox Name:

Export-Mailbox -Identity -PSTFolderPath C:\Temp\Mailbox1.pst

Condition 6: Moving all database to individual PST files name by a system. In script given below, first, we get the details of abc mailbox database using Get-Mailbox cmdlet and then export it to individual pst files.

Get-Mailbox -Database "abc Mailbox DB" | Export-Mailbox -PSTFolderPath C:\PSTFiles

Export-Mailbox Replacing ExMerge in Exchange 2010

In Exchange 2010 user and group must have RABC permissions. If you have not assigned these permissions then use cmdlet given below to do so.

Follow steps Given below Export Mailbox without Exmerge using Export-Mailbox


ExMerge was the great application that provides various features to export mailbox but it lacks control of users in exporting information. Export-Mailbox ( ExMerge Replacement ) provide functions and replaces ExMerge with far better options and functions. Moreover, a PowerShell feature is always a long and time-consuming process and as explained it only export mailbox details under specific terms and conditions. The user can try a demo version of Exchange EDB to PST Converter to move data of PSt file without any hassle. Even if your data is corrupt. This software can recover it without any issue.